How to get your ex back


Here’s what you can do to improve your chances of winning your ex back

1. Apologise sincerely
If you are responsible for the split then apologise sincerely, and make it clear why you behaved as you did.

2. Do not turn into a stalker
Calling your ex all the time won’t be effective, they need to make the decision alone.

3. Don’t try jealousy
Certain people try to make their ex green with envy by dating other people, but this hardly ever works.

4. Do not send off gifts
Your ex has lost the emotions they had, so this will not be useful.

5. Do not be feeble
Begging with them will merely make them lose respect for you.

6. Try your best to be positive
It will make it more likely you’ll get your ex back, and even if you do not, you should be more likely to find someone else quickly.

7. Try getting a shared friend involved
Ask them to comment to your ex on what a fantastic couple you were and tell them something like “It’s a pity you two aren’t able to solve your problems “. If they say there was interest then appeal to your ex directly.

8. Propose change
Propose to them how both you and the relationship can change.

9. Attempt to revitalize your chemistry
Consider what things about you your ex has responded to in a positive manner recently and strive to make use of this to get back the chemistry between you.

10. Obtain professional help
Be open to the idea of counseling, you ought to get a new perspective that you would not otherwise receive.

11. Try plastic surgery!

Hopefully this has given you some useful tips on the way to get your ex back. Here’s a video with some more tips.