Ending a Relationship Is Always Hard

If you have recently been in a relationship that ended because the other person wanted out, you are going through a variety of different things. You are in pain, and perhaps you do not understand what happened. You may be relieved in a way, as you may have felt it wasn’t working either. The other person just beat you to the punch, so to speak. Sometimes, the person left behind often feels as if the other is moving on without so much as a glance backwards, but that is rarely true. The person ending a relationship never comes out unscathed, they just mourn the relationship before it is over.

Ending a relationship is never easy. Unless someone is cold hearted or just using people for a short time for their own pleasure, ending things is not easy. It may seem as if they do not care, but they probably already went through the motions of healing before they broke it off. They probably have been thinking about it for awhile, and went through the pain before the breakup. While to you the pain is fresh and new, to them it has been there and is mostly gone. They just knew before you did that it was not working. They could still be in pain, but they are just hiding it well. That does not mean they are coming back though.

Not everyone goes about ending a relationship the right way, which makes it much harder on the person who is being released. Some will do so through a text or an email because they can not face the pain they know they are about to cause. If you are the one walking away, try not to do this. If you loved or cared for someone, do not cause them any more pain, even if you feel it is time for ending a relationship with them. You do not have to care for them after the fact, but give them the face time they need to speak their part or they could hurt for much longer.

If someone is ending a relationship with you, and you are not sure why, you can ask them to help you understand. What you do not want to do is to chase them around trying to badger them into talking to you. Ask them, after some time has passed, if they would talk with you. Make sure they understand it is an attempt on your part for understanding and closure, not an opportunity to try to keep them in your life. Do this once and only once, or you are never going to get over the relationship to move on to one that is good for you. It hurts, and it can hurt a lot, but everything will seem clearer to you as time moves on.

At times, ending a relationship is not truly the ending. For some couples, this is how they both realize they have shortcomings in the relationship. They spend some time apart only to discover that they have a deep love for each other. They often go about fixing what they find is wrong. At times, the only way to have true self realization in the context of a relationship is to be thrust out of it. Ending a relationship can be the ending of a bad part of it, and can lead to a lifetime of love together. Just learn to know the difference between one that should end, and one that has the potential to last a lifetime.

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