Get Him Back Forever – My Review

When I first came across Matt Huston’s e-book, Get Him Back Forever, I was going through a really rough time. I had been out of my relationship for about 4 months and I was absolutely desperate to get my ex-boyfriend back.

I had bought and tried every book I could find that promised to help me get my ex-boyfriend back, but nothing seemed to work. In fact, I think their advice actually helped to push him even further away. The desperation in my attempts was obvious. I think he was starting to see me as a bit of a psycho.

It definitely was getting to the point where I thought I would never get my ex-boyfriend back, and the thought of that was killing me inside. Then I came across Matt Huston’s latest e-book, Get Him Back Forever.

This book was totally different from the others I had tried, and the author, Matt Huston, certainly had the credentials to back him up. A Master’s Degree in psychology, over 6 years studying the dynamics of male/female relationships and a successful career as a relationship councilor; I was confident that this guy knew what it would take to help me get my ex-boyfriend back.

Matt Huston’s no nonsense, straight to the point approach really made me thinks about things differently. It was up to me to get my ex-boyfriend back. I held all the power and there was hope after all.

I learned how easy it could be to take the pain of rejection that I was feeling at the time, and transfer it right back on to my ex-boyfriend. The e-book taught me specific things about what I could do and say to make him feel like he is the one being rejected. I know it sounds harsh, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

I started implementing Huston’s advice right away. And to my surprise, the plan really worked!

Within just one week of following Matt Huston’s tips on how to get my ex-boyfriend back, my ex and I were talking again. I started to notice a real difference in his attitude towards me about mid-way through week two.

We started spending more time together, laughing and having fun. It was just like back when we had first met. After about one month, he moved back in.

Not only did I get my ex-boyfriend back, I really did make him fall head over heals in love with me again! This time I’m confident we’ll stay together forever, and I owe it all to Matt Huston’s incredible book.

Get Him Back Forever really did help me get my ex-boyfriend back. I would recommend this book to any girl who feels hopeless and out of options with her breakup.

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